Hi, my name is Eduardo and I'm a brazilian living in Australia. I'm a college student of graphic design and entertainment media. I run an Avatar fan-site with my friends named Mundo Avatar. Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are my favourite sagas. Find me on Twitter and Facebook.

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The Legend of Korra (Book 3) episodes title cards!

Download Korra Leaked Episodes From Book 3 →

Download 4 episodes from The Legend of Korra new season.


Hey guys, last week I received from KorraNation the Korra sketch by Joaquim dos Santos! I scanned the poster for you!

The gaang, by Sokka

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Mundo Avatar →

Y’all should check this amazing Avatar website. You can download comics, episodes in high definition, complete soundtrack and also check this weekly for some great news!

Ps: the website is in brazilian Portuguese, but you will love it.

O just got Korra from korranation! Amazing drawing by Joaquim dos Santos!

Korra vs. Chiblocker

Mundo Avatar →

Mundo Avatar is a Brazilian fan site, which leads fans of the series “Avatar” a vast world of information and news. You can also download episodes, comics, and all that multimedia stuff. The site has been created in 2007 and each day has reached more people, making it the largest fan site in Latin America. This site is currently the TOP 2 Avatar fan site worldwide.

Korra looks like Sokka with short hair LOL

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- Nicola Peltz: Katara from The Last Airbender.

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Korra Nation - Season Pass?

Has anyone even received the Korra Nation Season Pass from iTunes? I got the sketch by Joaquim dos Santos, but the season pass…

Cover from The Promise Collection.

The Legend of Korea? WTF?

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follow my friend kynn!

Hey followers, my friend Kynn recently joined Tumblr! She’s also from Brazil and enjoy things like Assassins Creed, God Of War, Game Of Thrones, The Legend Of Korra and Aang, The Veronicas ♫, NaNa, animation, games and animes. 

You can follow her by clicking here.

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